About 21 Grams

21 Grams Gym is a private strength and conditioning gym located in Northern California that specializes in training athletes and individuals seeking to transcend their current performance.

Because one size does not fit all, (various sports require their own approach) the training here is diverse and focused to achieve specific goals for each individual. Whether your sport/job requires you to peak on the day of competition, or to maintain a high level foundation annually “to be ready for whatever is next”, we’ve got you covered.

Our training is preparation for the real thing, a tool for self discovery and exceeding our own limitations.

The sessions here are conducted in small private groups to ensure our standard of quality is maintained.

Always focusing on the mind, it is our foremost desire to facilitate “inner strength” for each individual while simultaneously educating them to become more self sufficient in the art of training and recovery.

There are no shortcuts on the path in obtaining ones ‘best” mentally or physically, we believe that only intelligent hard work conducted over a long period of time produces real results.

We find community here with like minded individuals who seek to better themselves and each other.


A special thank you to those who influenced me the most, and allowed me to spend time with them.

Because of you I/we have been able to help many and make a difference in their lives. This project would not be what it is without you. May we continue to honor your teachings by passing them along to the best of our abilities. Josh Vert, Dan John, Mark and Lisa Twight, Rob Mcdonald, James Gardner, Johnny Carlist, Michael Blevins and the entire Gym Jones family, Tacita Richardson NPMD, Hal Faulkner, Laurent Vrignaud, Chip Conrad, Steve Maxwell, Jim Schmitz, Patrick Hearestead, Jack Collins, Stuart Bushnell, and others.
Strength & Conditioning: Josh Vert, Dan John, Mel Siff PHD, John Jesse, Tudor Bompa PHD, Michael Yessis PHD, Pat O’Shea Ed D, Jim Schmitz, Michael Yessis, Mike Boyle, Louie Simmons, William Kraemer, Paul Chek, Vladimir Zatsiorsky, Gregory Haff, Frederick Hatfield, Vladimir Issurin, James Radcliffe and others.
Endurance: Josh Vert, Mark Twight, Phil Maffetone, Michael Ross, Peter Janssen, Adharanand Finn, Timothy Noakes, and others.
Mental Fortitude: Josh Vert, Mark Twight, Dan Gable, Aladar Kogler, Percy Cerutty, Viktor Frankl, Bruce Lee, Frederick Lovret, Steven Pressfield, William Gleason, and others.
Diet: Josh Vert Tacita Richardson NPMD, Dan Benardot PHD, Dr Michael Colgan, Dr Max Gerson, Loren Cordain PHD, Dr Barry Sears, Brendan and others.